SSRS Error

SSRS Email sending error

Sql Server Reporting Services is an amazing tool provided as part of Microsoft’s SQL Server product.

The front end isn’t the prettiest, but it allows for users to get to reports under control of active directory security.

One of the great features is being able to schedule a subscription to send an email. It works like clockwork and everybody forgets about it until the day the report fails.

‘Failure sending mail. Exceeded storage allocation. The server response was 4.3.1 Message size exceeds fixed maximum size. Mail will not be resent’

Starting the diagnosis was fairly simple. Checking the subscription showed the failure message. The puzzle being what had changed? I’d heard of a ten Meg limit on some mail servers, but surely this was going to an exchange server. Did that have a limit. After running the report and saving as a spreadsheet, the whole thing was less than 2meg.

The answer was a palm on face slapping. Of course the mail wasn’t going straight out. It was routing through a local server running the ancient SMTP service that I think has been around since NT 4 days.

To be honest, I don’t know if these are the standard settings, or if somebody had been trying out the effects of the settings. However, unticking the restrictions on message size fixed the problem and meant the report will continue to go out for the next geological epoch.