Scammers – You’ll never fall for it, will you?

A local business has just told me about this one:

Their customer received an email from them with a change of bank details. 30000 pounds, yes count the zeroes, thirty thousand pounds paid from the customer into the ‘new bank account’.

The email looks almost perfect except for the double letter in the domain name. It is obviously an email that has been around the building and then sent out.

There is no come back. The bank is not liable, the chances of anybody seeing that cash again is remote. Possibly two local businesses will be forced to close.

The accounts person thought they were doing the correct thing making the change. This company even maintains old-fashioned procedures. The person who makes payments can’t change account details.

Is it time to review your procedures to double check emails and requests?

This is the second email scam aimed at business I have seen in the last month.