Serial number based manufacture and distribution

A number of expensive systems allow a business to add serial numbers to the items they are manufacturing. If a full blown MRP system is too expensive or unwieldy for a business, they could consider using a smaller, more manageable system.

Our system allow an item to flow through manufacturing, quality assurance, issue rectification and despatch.


Serial Generator

We recommend a bar code and serial number are generated once an item is introduced to the production cycle.

QA Testing

Configured for ease of use on a touch screen, the QA model guides the user through a series of tests. The tri-state reporting allows an item to be Passed, Passed with adjustments, or Failed.

An item must be lifted from the failed state before the despatch process will allow it to proceed to packing.


Using the test results from the central database a repair workstation can log the actions required to lift an item from a failed state.


Items are recorded into packaging and a configured label created.



The system is written using to create specific workstation applications. Once configured, these can be installed on multiple workstations situated to suit the manufacturing process.

Data is  stored centrally in an SQL database. This can be located on a central server, or by using sql express, installed on a nominated workstation.