Business Process


As a business matures, it develops business processes to deliver goods and service to clients efficiently.

Time passes and extra checks are added to catch anomalies and stop them occurring again. Perhaps a new computer is installed and the process is tweaked to suit the new system.

A niggling voice suggests the process needs to be revisited, but who has the time?


 Our process helps your process:

Using a series of interviews from delivery driver to director we map out the existing process and garner suggestions for a new one. Our independent view turns the spotlight on the inconsistencies.

The exercise takes very little time and yet yields huge benefits.

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If you suspect you might benefit from revisiting your business processes, but don’t have the time. Call us!

 Clients say:

Neil Box | Head of app development and IS | Jigsaw24

Eric helped us tremendously with our end-to-end sales process review project.

 By working as an extended part of our team, he brought a fresh set of eyes and questions to the table. His approach and business experience prompted us to address problems we didn’t even know existed.

 During the project he worked at all levels of the organisation from director to despatch agent and once an issue was identified, his contribution enabled the stakeholders to discover and implement a solution.

 For any company embarking on a business process review, we have no hesitation in recommending ETOM Consulting.”