We use Seagull Scientific Bar-Tender to provide barcode functionality to our applications.

We chose Bar-Tender for a number of reasons.


It has stood the test of time.

Not many applications have moved from Windows 98 through to Windows 8 and beyond. The development team at Seagull have always stayed ahead of the game.

It is flexible

Due to the ease of programming and use it is often possible to fulfil a barcoding requirement without bespoke programming.

It never crashes

We have used Bar-Tender for over ten years and have never once experienced a system hang caused by Bartender.

Whether software is part of a critical manufacturing process, or part of a simple label creating need. It should function as expected when you need it to.

Call us!

If you want to implement barcodes as part of your system we recommend you allow us to evaluate the need and provide you with a tailored proposal to implement Bar-Tender.