SSRS Reporting

More time for for honey?

“What are you doing, Pooh?” asked Piglet.

“I’m busy busy busy. I’ve been working since 7am. I have to get this data ready for Christopher Robin’s board meeting.”

“How do you do that?” said Piglet.

“It’s very complicated,” Pooh scratched his head. “I have to run this report and then extract the columns I need into a spreadsheet.

“Then, I run this macro that removes the blank lines and headings. I then copy it into this spreadsheet and add the totals.”

“Wow,” Said Piglet. “Does that ever go wrong?”

“No, as long as nobody distracts me, and I do it exactly the same without missing out a step. Even a bear of very little brain can do it,” said Pooh. “Finally, I print it to a pdf and email it to everybody on a list I have.”

“Oh,” Piglet said. “Why not get somebody to write an SSRS report that does all of that without you touching it?”

“More time for honey?” Pooh said.

“Exactly,” Piglet replied.