Sales Reporting How complex should it be?

I’ve spent years providing sales reports from databases. We went through inch thick wads of music paper with columns of numbers, we tried BI with dice and slice, drill down cubes and animated graphs.
The end result is, that I am convinced 99% of it is a waste of time. Whilst this stuff might be great for IT savvy managers, or for Information Engineers, it is invariably too much for the sales person to consume.
Possibly its ‘horses for courses,’ but I’ve not yet met the sales person on the road who wants to drill down into their data. (Please, email me, tell me you are the person who only makes his figures because of a multi-dimensional cube!)
A client recently came up with the idea of producing the most simple report they could. Four lines on a bar chart, with values as the labels. Year To Date (YTD), and Period, Actual and Budget.

The report is sent every day and the budget accumulates a daily proportion.
Of course, I’m always happy to discuss reporting and provide anything the client wants, but really ask the question: what can the sales force genuinely use?